15 Quick Facts About Me

1. I was born in Hong Kong and now live in New Zealand.

2 I am a pianist, classically trained.

3. I am a shopaholic, in particular-bargain shopping (Yes I AM like The Girl with the Green Scarf).

4. I have an extremely short attention span and can change topics three times in one sentence.

5. I get obsessed with new hobbies and projects, I won't rest until I feel I have accomplished something (not necessarily to completion).

6. I can speak Cantonese but cannot read Chinese characters so I feel like a dumb illiterate girl when asking for menu translations in Asia.

7. I have to brush my teeth before breakfast.

8. I don't like to listen to music for fun. I prefer silence when I'm not working!

9. I have a red and white border collie named Jim.  

10. I hate bananas and feet.

11. I have severe sinus problems, causing me immense pain when flying. I once cried out to the air hostess but she ignored me.

12. I cannot understand foreign accents, nor can I imitate them. It becomes very awkward when being served in restaurants and I keep saying "pardon?"

13. People always mistake me for someone else, especially in shops. They're always so adamant they saw me in there just before - as if I've changed clothes or that I'm somebody's sister/daughter and even mum!

14. I love babies.

15. If I wasn't accepted into Music, I probably would have ended up as a scientist... Or a hairdresser.


  1. this is cool~ mon~~ keep up :) m a follower now :p

  2. Keep up the good work Monica. You are doing great! I am following too!

  3. you are so attractive

    followed you absoluty!!