Young and Cool

7 Aug 2013

When I think of teen fashion I imagine girls with head bands, colourful skirts, cute printed tees and boys with baggy jeans and long shaggy, brushed to the side fringes. Hmm... am I stereotyping a little there? In a mini quest to find out what the teens are wearing at the mo, I set out on a little mission!

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Luke's outfit really caught my attention as the shy "boy next door" had such an interesting style. The crease detail at the back of his long-tailed t-shirt gave this plain straight tee an extra dimension. Luke tells me many teen boys are adopting this long-tail look, which my research shows was a design by a New Zealand based label Federation, but now being copied and sold at local chain Hallensteins.

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The drop crotch track pants which are also popular amongst boys surprised me, as I only ever recall seeing them on girls or the high-fashion conscious. Together with his Vans and Neff beanie, Luke's outfit looked well coordinated yet effortless.

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Georgia has such a beautiful face and an interesting look with her Dad being Malaysian Chinese and her Mum a New Zealander. Her everyday outfits are comfy and relaxed. She loves her stretch black jeans and cinched waist parker she got from a friend.  Her casual but cool look complements her natural beauty and cute smile!

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Is it me or have Vans made a come back again as both my models seem to love their pairs? Or is it that they never went out of fashion in the first place as I remember guys rocking these when I was a teen!  The combination of Georgia's Vans with her rolled up jeans give the ensemble a more feminine look.

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Well, there you go. Not the whole teeny bopper look I was expecting to see at all but it seems like they are going for a more natural and comfy cool style. 

What do you think of these teen styles? I'd like to thank and give a big virtual clap to the two first time but super poised models Luke and Georgia!

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  1. I like their casual looks. Teens trends are different worldwide.