Are White Jeans the New Black?

14 Aug 2013

When I first heard about this white jeans trend coming out of Hollywood, I was, to be honest, a little mortified. Growing up in conservative New Zealand, there were huge negative connotations to wearing white jeans or to girls who wear white jeans. Of course the beautiful models and starlets of Hollywood could pull this look off with their legs that go on forever and toothpick slimness. I built up the courage and bought a pair to see what the craze was all about. To my surprise, they looked good and were easy to create different outfits with!

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These skinny white jeans were $35nzd (on sale!) from Factorie and they're pretty comfortable. They have a little bit of stretch but not so much that they would fall down and are surprisingly thick so it doesn't matter what colour underwear you're wearing underneath!

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I'm wearing a blazer with a fake vest attachment from a shop down Fa Yuen Street in Hong Kong (with some missing buttons now!), cashmere wool jersey from Esprit (a gift from a cousin), striped scarf from a wholesale market in Taiwan and Dione heels in Nero-Electric Blue from Beau Coup for Karen Walker. You can still get these amazing Italian handmade shoes from Beau Coup's website. Do you think I look a bit like an air hostess? I only really noticed it as I was editing the photos!

karen walker, beau coup, nero electric blue, dione, designer shoesFrom air hostess to a little more girly, I wanted to show how versatile these jeans were. They are a summer staple for Europe and North America thanks to celebs like Kate Moss, Eva Longoria and Princess Kate sporting this look. 
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I'm wearing a Liam lace top with a slip dress (worn as a top) that came with a Ruby dress. What a coincidence they were both from New Zealand design label Ruby. The necklace is something I've had for a long time, found it at the bottom of my jewellery heap! This post seems to be full of overseas purchases, my shoes were a sale purchase from Zara Hong Kong. The spikey heels break up the super feminine look a little bit right?!

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This post was such fun and a great discovery for me! Wonder if this trend will take off in little ol' New Zealand? I didn't think I could pull off the whole white jeans thing but I seriously am loving my new jeans. You all need to go out and find the perfect pair of white jeans for yourselves!


  1. I love the second outfit!!!

  2. very good post
    love this white jean e you
    you wearing very well
    and you shoes are amazing
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  3. nice post very cool!

  4. So chic! Lucy

  5. Nice post i love the second look :)

  6. Lovely looks dear i love the shoes!!!!!

  7. love your shoes!!!!!

  8. Absolutely stunning. Love both the looks...
    I love white jeans too. But am a bit apprehensive about it too.
    I travel a lot and white jean is too difficult for me to maintain!!!
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  9. Sieht so schick aus :-) Steht dir richtig gut das Outfit.

  10. you look amazing.