Thanks a hundred - GIVEAWAY!

26 Aug 2013

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It feels like ages since I've posted, it wasn't my plan but I've been plagued with strange infections, dizziness and a long term sore throat which has really slowed me down. Anyway, I hope I'm not going to get sick anymore after I finish my third round of antibiotics and I will be bouncing and full of energy (if you know me, I'm never full of energy! :))

A few weeks ago my facebook page reached 100 likes (yay!) which kinda caught me by surprise! I thought it would be nice to share a few things I like with my FB friends. It took me a while but I think I'm sorted. Instead of doing one big giveway, I thought it would be better to try to share the love with more of you by offering a few wee things. So here's what I've hunted out:

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1. Tory Burch Metallic Print Scarf 
2. Lisa Ho Print Scarf
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs heart print scarf 

The fabric for the scarves were sourced from The Fabric Store, an amazing importer of high end fabrics who has stores in New Zealand and Australia and will be opening a store in Los Angeles very soon. I got the prints cut and made into scarves so they are one of a kind!

On a side note, I just found out that Australian designer Lisa Ho has shut up shop, or closed down to be exact due to financial difficulty. It is such a shame but it also makes this scarf even more special now!

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4. Happy Socks - Orange Triangle (size 41-47)
5. Topman Socks - Orange Fox (one size)
6. Happy socks-  Argyle blue (size 41-47)

Since the scarves are a bit feminine I had to find something for my boy readers (I think you guys are there!?) To keep it fun, I've chosen a few pairs of printed socks from UK label Topman and Swedish label Happy Socks.


1. You must be a "follower" of Confessions of a Chopinholic's Facebook page

2. You must leave a comment at the bottom of this post stating whether you want to go into the draw to win the "girls" or "boys" prize.  A prize consists of one of the items in either the girls selection or boys selection, depending on which category you choose.

AND if you want an extra entry:

3. Share my facebook post called "Thanks a hundred - GIVEAWAY!" and you will get one extra entry into the draw. With two entries, you can choose to enter "both" the girls' and boys' selections. Make sure you let me know your selection by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for all your support so far and I wish you all GOOD LUCK!

Giveaway commences 26 August 2013 and ends 8 September (midnight NZ time). Open to all followers of Confessions of a Chopinholic's Facebook page. Winners will receive an item from their chosen selection (boys or girls selection) but cannot select which specific item they will receive.   Winners have two weeks to respond once contacted before a new winner is selected. The prizes are as pictured above and cannot be exchanged for money. One entry can only be drawn out once for a prize.  Delivery of the prizes will be at no cost but is subject to the following conditions: Delivery is to a physical address (not a PO Box); Delivery is to a location which is serviceable by standard International Mail; Delivery method and timing is at the discretion of Miss Chopinholic; No returns/re-delivery permitted after delivery has been made.

Are White Jeans the New Black?

14 Aug 2013

When I first heard about this white jeans trend coming out of Hollywood, I was, to be honest, a little mortified. Growing up in conservative New Zealand, there were huge negative connotations to wearing white jeans or to girls who wear white jeans. Of course the beautiful models and starlets of Hollywood could pull this look off with their legs that go on forever and toothpick slimness. I built up the courage and bought a pair to see what the craze was all about. To my surprise, they looked good and were easy to create different outfits with!

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These skinny white jeans were $35nzd (on sale!) from Factorie and they're pretty comfortable. They have a little bit of stretch but not so much that they would fall down and are surprisingly thick so it doesn't matter what colour underwear you're wearing underneath!

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I'm wearing a blazer with a fake vest attachment from a shop down Fa Yuen Street in Hong Kong (with some missing buttons now!), cashmere wool jersey from Esprit (a gift from a cousin), striped scarf from a wholesale market in Taiwan and Dione heels in Nero-Electric Blue from Beau Coup for Karen Walker. You can still get these amazing Italian handmade shoes from Beau Coup's website. Do you think I look a bit like an air hostess? I only really noticed it as I was editing the photos!

karen walker, beau coup, nero electric blue, dione, designer shoesFrom air hostess to a little more girly, I wanted to show how versatile these jeans were. They are a summer staple for Europe and North America thanks to celebs like Kate Moss, Eva Longoria and Princess Kate sporting this look. 
Ruby, ruby lace top, zara, zara cheap shoes, curled hair
romantic style, Rubynz, zara, zara spike heels
I'm wearing a Liam lace top with a slip dress (worn as a top) that came with a Ruby dress. What a coincidence they were both from New Zealand design label Ruby. The necklace is something I've had for a long time, found it at the bottom of my jewellery heap! This post seems to be full of overseas purchases, my shoes were a sale purchase from Zara Hong Kong. The spikey heels break up the super feminine look a little bit right?!

zara, spikey heels, white jeans, white jeans trend, chic white jeans, skinny white jeans
This post was such fun and a great discovery for me! Wonder if this trend will take off in little ol' New Zealand? I didn't think I could pull off the whole white jeans thing but I seriously am loving my new jeans. You all need to go out and find the perfect pair of white jeans for yourselves!

Honey Lemon Iced Tea

11 Aug 2013

I can't believe how warm it has been the last week or so even though it is technically still winter! I have been having so much warm honey and lemon drinks I think its time to cool it down since the sun is shining! And I'm sure all you others in the hot summer weather would appreciate this recipe too!

iced tea with lemon, honey and lemon tea, honey tea, homemade iced tea, how to make sweet iced tea


Honey and Lemon Iced Tea                                                                              Makes: A good jug full        

2 tea bags (I use Lipton yellow label)
6 heaped tablespoons of honey (I use New Zealand Manuka honey)
2 lemons
1 cup  boiling water
3 cups cold water
lots of ice

1. Put the tea bags and honey in a jug and add the boiling water. Leave until tea is brewed then remove and discard the tea bags.

2. Finely slice the lemons, then remove the seeds.

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3.  Add the lemons and cold water to the brewed tea mixture. Lightly press the lemon slices with a large wooden spoon to release the juice into the tea.

4. Add heaps of ice to the tea.

5. Serve and enjoy!

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This refreshing drink is perfect for a summer BBQ with a bunch of friends. It is much healthier compared to the store bought iced teas without the additives and extra sugar. I can't wait for the New Zealand summer to come so I can experience some warm weather and yummy fresh food! Have fun!

Young and Cool

7 Aug 2013

When I think of teen fashion I imagine girls with head bands, colourful skirts, cute printed tees and boys with baggy jeans and long shaggy, brushed to the side fringes. Hmm... am I stereotyping a little there? In a mini quest to find out what the teens are wearing at the mo, I set out on a little mission!

Clothing, Teenage fashion, teenage trends, male teenage fashion, street fashion

Luke's outfit really caught my attention as the shy "boy next door" had such an interesting style. The crease detail at the back of his long-tailed t-shirt gave this plain straight tee an extra dimension. Luke tells me many teen boys are adopting this long-tail look, which my research shows was a design by a New Zealand based label Federation, but now being copied and sold at local chain Hallensteins.

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The drop crotch track pants which are also popular amongst boys surprised me, as I only ever recall seeing them on girls or the high-fashion conscious. Together with his Vans and Neff beanie, Luke's outfit looked well coordinated yet effortless.

teenagers fashion trends, teenage fashion, teen fashion, high street fashion, hallensteins, federation, long tailed shirt, drop crotch pants

Georgia has such a beautiful face and an interesting look with her Dad being Malaysian Chinese and her Mum a New Zealander. Her everyday outfits are comfy and relaxed. She loves her stretch black jeans and cinched waist parker she got from a friend.  Her casual but cool look complements her natural beauty and cute smile!

neff, vans, teenage girls fashion, street style, young fashion, checked parker

Is it me or have Vans made a come back again as both my models seem to love their pairs? Or is it that they never went out of fashion in the first place as I remember guys rocking these when I was a teen!  The combination of Georgia's Vans with her rolled up jeans give the ensemble a more feminine look.

black stretch jeans, vans, beauty, chinese european model, winter photography, cool teenage style

new zealand woman style, new zealand fashion trends,

Well, there you go. Not the whole teeny bopper look I was expecting to see at all but it seems like they are going for a more natural and comfy cool style. 

What do you think of these teen styles? I'd like to thank and give a big virtual clap to the two first time but super poised models Luke and Georgia!

Kiwifruit and Mango Smoothie

1 Aug 2013

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Summer is still a while away but hearing about the warm summer my friends are having everywhere else gave me inspiration to make some delicious, cooling beverages!

I initially wanted to do a berry smoothie, but with not much luck finding fresh summer berries in this winter climate, I came up with a better idea - kiwifruit and mango. With kiwifruit being a native fruit in New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud and mangos being......well......easy to import, i was set!

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You will notice I used two types of kiwifruit here - the traditional green and the golden. I think golden kiwifruit is available in most countries now, it is less tangy and is sweeter which is great for adding flavour without the intense tanginess of the green. 

Kiwifruit and Mango Smoothie

Approx 100g golden kiwifruit
Approx 100g green kiwifruit
100g mango
2 Tbs honey 
125g yoghurt
Approx 20 ice cubes

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1. Dice up the kiwifruit and mango.
2. Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend until all ice has been crushed and smooth.

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This smoothie was so easy and quick to make, it's great for parties or a dose of fruit for little ones. It's pretty healthy too compared to the syrups and artificial flavourings in the juice bars so save a few $$ and do it at home! It was so yummy I craved for one the next day. Enjoy!