Hot Chocolate Denso

28 Jun 2013

I am frozen! We're deep into winter down here in little old New Zealand and it doesn't look like the cold, wet weather is going to leave anytime soon. If you're feeling cold and blue like me then this recipe may cheer you up!

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Confession, long before I was a coffee addict, I had been a long-time hot chocolate addict. The smell of rich cocoa blended with creamy, frothy milk was something I could have every day (until I stopped growing vertically and started growing horizontally). 

It's no problem finding hot chocolates out there. Good cafes will usually use the best hot chocolate powder there is. But the type of hot chocolate I really love but is hard to find is the Hot Chocolate Denso. The "Denso" has its roots in Italy. South America has their version as well. It is a thick, creamy hot chocolate, some say it's almost pudding-like. 

I've studied and searched for coffee and hot chocolate products far and wide and I can say I still have not found a hot chocolate mix that could satisfy my fussy taste buds! Most of the thick hot chocolate powders contain a thickener to thicken the drink but I wanted better! So I created this recipe out of desperation and it's easy peasey!

My recipe calls for the Lindt chocolate range (as its relatively easy to find all around the world). In creating the recipe in my beverage lab I found that the Lindt excellence 70% dark chocolate didn't produce such a thick Denso so my suggestion is to use the Lindt Lindor dark chocolate bar. Try using the dark Lindor bar first even if you don't like dark chocolate (just trust me?!)

Miss Chopinholic's Hot chocolate Denso


40grams Lindt Lindor dark chocolate bar
1 heaped teaspoon of good hot chocolate powder (I use evil child hot chocolate powder)
50gm Thickened Cream
160gm Milk 
(Optional: 1 teaspoon of tapioca starch/arrowroot)

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1. Melt the chocolate, chocolate powder and the thickened cream in the microwave (10-20 secs at a time to avoid burning the chocolate). Stir until chocolate is melted and combined with the cream.

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2. Froth milk with the steaming wand of an expresso machine, or heat in a pan until it reaches 75 degrees. If you want your denso to be really thick, you may add a teaspoon of tapioca flour with the cold milk. I personally don't add any thickener. You may also want to froth the milk manually with a frother to achieve maximum creaminess!

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3. Pour half the milk with the chocolate mixture until combined. Then fill the cup with the rest of the milk.

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Yum! I sometimes like to have mine as a mocha and add a shot of coffee in there. I also love serving my Denso in my large D-cup! Hope this hot chocolate recipe works for you just as well as it does for me. Let me know how you go and have a great weekend!


  1. I just found your blog as I went looking for a recipe for Denso - I just had my first one yesterday at the Chocolate Boutique in Parnell and it was amazing! If you live in Auckland and haven't tried theirs yet, you might like to - I saw you said it's hard to find. Apparently it's one of the most popular products they sell. Thanks for the recipe so I can make my own version at home, too!

    1. Hi Rachael,

      Yes I have tried the one at the Chocolate Boutique! That's what inspired me to make it! I've also tried other thick chocolates from other places too. Hope the recipe works for you! Let me know if you have trouble!