Hello World

3 Jun 2013

Firstly, thanks for finding me here at this early stage of my blogging career. My guess is you're either a family member, friend or a very beautiful person!

2013 marked the beginning of a new era for me and I had reached a stage where I was able to explore some old hobbies and pick up some fun new ones. I had been thinking for months about starting a blog but the fear of not being able to deliver, laziness and my crazy irregular workloads caused me to keep pushing pause on this new project.

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When I finally built up the courage to start, I decided that Confessions of a Chopinholic (pronounced show-pang-ho-lick!) would be somewhat of an online concoction of my favourite shopping finds, DIY projects, recipes, bargains, fashion and beauty trends and finally share some insights into the world of classical music, notably, classical piano music. I consider myself first and foremost a pianist and music is so a part of my life that there is a little birthmark on my left leg.

I have numerous family and friends who are not musicians and have never, ever dipped their little toe in the big pool of classical music. So this blog will not have geeky mathematical analysis of musical scores (I can't do those anyway) but snippets on how to approach and appreciate this diminishing art form. 

My first "confession" should be up very soon so stay tuned but in the mean time, have a great weekend, let me have my coffee and see you soon!!

Miss Chopinholic

P.S- I am wearing shoes from Mollini, dress from Karen Walker and Ravishing lipstick from Mac!


  1. Welcome to this increible world! I love your dress, is really cute! You have to continue in here! You are so good, and you have to show yourself and your style, because it's good :)!


    1. Thank you Sara for your very kind words!! I am working on more posts on fashion but its tricky taking photos of myself without a photographer!!