5 Confessions in 5 days. Day 3: My Mid-Week Miracle Pill

12 Jun 2013

It's not common knowledge that musicians often get injured, but we do - all the time! After getting injured in 2004, my left arm has never been the same. It meant I had to really watch how I was using my body and get regular treatment; I won't bore you with the details.

Last year, I found myself working about 15 hours a day and finishing rehearsals at midnight and starting again early the next day. I was feeling so exhausted and constantly sore that even my Osteopath said he couldn't release my tension cos my body was like a pile of rocks.

Ok, so to cut a long story short, I discovered Magnesium (actually my Osteopath told me to take it). It was like magic! It helped relax my muscles enough for my osteopath to work on it and also helped with my sleeping and the tiredness.

powder magnesium, vegecap magnesium

Magnesium is great for people who are stressed, work/study long hours and sportspeople who can use up the body's magnesium reserves quicker than others. If all this sounds a bit like you then why not go check some out at your local health shop. Wednesday is one of my busiest days and magnesium is my mid-week miracle pill!

P.S - Don't go overboard taking magnesium though, I heard it can make your bowels relax as well!

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