5 Confessions in 5 Days. Day 2: Chopin 101

11 Jun 2013

If you don't even know who Chopin (pronounced "show-pang" with the "ng" being silent) is, then you're at the right place! No big deal, he was just one of the most important composers of piano music EVER! (Hear my excitement?!)

You may be thinking "I have never heard of this guy, never heard his music before", but I can almost guarantee you have. Chopin's music has been used in numerous movies including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Pianist, The Notebook. And if you haven't seen those movies then surely you've seen The Simpsons. 

AND if you still don't believe me, surely you've been dining in restaurants, cafes and been in Asian owned Dollar Stores (Asians love piano!) 

The only photo of Chopin taken when he was terminally ill

If you're still reading this (yay for me!) then you must be mildly interested and therefore I challenge you to listen to some Chopin this week. First, find some Chopin music. I suggest start with listening to some NocturnesPreludes, or waltzes. Nice and light and not so full on. One of my favourites is Nocturne in C sharp minor Op. posth which was featured in the movie: The Pianist. I couldn't find the actual clip of that piece from the movie but here's another one where the Jewish pianist is found by a German captain. Try playing some music in the background during a nice dinner or while you're chillaxing reading a book or before bed. You'll be able to find plenty more examples on YouTube.

After many years of being a musician, I'm just beginning to notice the effect music has on my emotions (e.g anger problem). I find that after a hard and uneventful day at work, if I sit at the piano for a while to play, I am transformed (e.g less grumpy). It's almost like I was transported into a different world for a 15 minute holiday. 

So what did you listen to? 


  1. I just found us another common point, I looooooove listening to Chopin. Not that I have your level of expertise but I just love putting Chopin as a background music when I'm at home. To honor your article I actually decided to listen to Chopin while reading it ;)