5 Confessions in 5 days. Day 1: You need a pair of Wellingtons

10 Jun 2013

Wellington boots, Wellies, Rain-boots, gumboots. Whatever you call them, everyone should own a pair or buy some now.

The cold, wet, rainy season has begun down here in little New Zealand after a whole summer of non-stop sunshine. Monsoon season is also hitting Asia so the weather will be a bit crazy! The rest of the world...well you can just enjoy your nice summer and the warm weather.

In conservative New Zealand, I don't see many people wearing them around. Maybe because wearing rubber boots reminds them of the farmers' "gumboot". My goal is to change that so I don't look like a loner on the streets!

Besides having practical reasons like preventing sad goodbyes to beloved shoes and preventing cold, wet feet, I think Wellington boots can be a fun and stylish way to dress up your outfit. With the styles out there these days, they really don't look like working boots anymore.

Confession, I bought two pairs in close succession not long ago and I am open to a third pair if I see some jumping out of a shop window saying "buy me". 

The Hunter boots are probably the most well-known high end Wellington boot brand. Unfortunately when I was roaming the city looking for my Hunters, I bumped into some red Pipduck's on sale ($50nzd!!) so I couldn't let them sit in the shop all alone; I made them my first! They are quite a long sturdy boot that sit just under the knee. 

salasai dress, mac morange lipstick, chopinholic
Photo taken with morning hair. Mac lip pencil in Cherry and lipstick in Morange. Boots from World. Dress from Salasai

pipduck, chopinholic

My second pair are from a local design shop in Auckland and i just had to get them (despite being mistaken for a "stylish mum" while trying them on). These are a bit shorter and I just noticed it while looking at these pictures! 

lace boot, chopinholic

ingrid starnes, lace boot, chopinholic
Boots from Flying Saucers. Dress from Ingrid Starnes and belt from Karen Walker.

My friend Model S wears a pair of grey Diesel Wellingtons with buckle detail. A more neutral coloured boot is easy to pair with everyday clothes.

grey boot, chopinholic

grey boot, diesel

There are some cool Wellingtons out there these days. From pretty reasonably priced ones from local chains/department stores (not ugly at all!) to the designer brands, there is a pair of Wellingtons out there waiting for you. Of course I had to go for a looksy to do some (new) boots research and I tracked down a few pairs of Hunters. Sorry for the following pics but I was paparazzi-ing on an Iphone!

boot, chopinholic
Hunter Chancery boot

camo boots, wellies
Boys can look cute in Wellies too

I would love to see your Wellington boots. Please leave me a comment or tag me in Facebook! Hope you've enjoyed my first confession as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. Fingers crossed I can survive the next 4 days!


  1. Love this post! The photos are gorgeous too xx

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  2. fall in love with those boots!!!!!!!
    can u suggest me where the proper area and seasons to use that rubber boots?